ADAPT is pleased to present Draco, a red, neutered male between 5-7 yrs of age.  Draco has the heart of a dragon and is a loyal companion.  Draco is housebroken, crate trained, house safe but likes his crate when if offered.  A true connoisseur who is a little obsessed with pizzle sticks--he feels he needs to consume them in one hour or less!   

Draco is hypothyroid which means his fur-ever family will need to administer medication with morning and evening meals.  Not to worry though, Draco doesn't mind his medication especially if tucked inside a little treat.  
Draco is good with children, cats, and same size or smaller dogs.  He walks well on lead but will wander off if a door is left open.  He love the outdoors as much as indoors.  This dog is not a high needs or demanding sort but he does want a person or family of his own to sit at their feet.  He loves to play tug of war and chases toys thrown in the yard.  
Draco is sensitive about having his feet touched, but not so much that his nails can't be trimmed.  Go to and submit online app for adoptionalt
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