Lacey is a result of mankind's unkindness and greed ....Held and bred litter after litter after litter  with minimal socialization she was dumped apparently when she was no longer a money making pit for someone.  She came to us shut down, broken down, heartbroken, heartworm positive, emaciated,as well as with a cherry eye and totally and completely unsocialized and she's still a work in progress.  We're slowly gaining her trust, she is NOT housebroken but loves other dogs, it's the only time when her guard comes down and a spark of joy and animation hits her eye.  She's quiet, and a totally blank slate.  She's not currently ready for the rigors of meeting families and facing adoption, she IS safe right here with us and we'll continue to work with her and hope she can forgive her past and understand she has a brighter future.....THIS is Laceyalt

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