MOTH EATEN, some would say HOMELY, but to US at ADAPT Jason is everything we look for in a rescue.  He's got HEART, he is loving, gentle, sweet and SO grateful for a second chance.  Anyone's guess as to what smashed his head caving it in, anyone's guess as to how long he's been out on his own struggling with mange, hunger but NEVER losing his gentle loving disposition.  He LOVES children, other dogs, people and living.  This red boy has heart and the determination to be someone's treasured family member.  If someone can look past his exterior and see the love that shines from the interior and the loyalty that comes from his heart, that someone will find the gold that his foster family benefits from daily.  To make Jason YOUR boy go to and fill out an online application.  Jason is being treated medically for his physical issues, but he needs SOMEONE to love him forever.  Be a hero, PICK Jason.  You'll be SO glad you did......

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