WELCOME Abby to ADAPT.  Abby made it out of the shelter with very little time to spare having been on the euth list due to crowded conditions and no one following through on their offer to adopt.  This social sweetheart LOVES all dogs, big or little, male or female, cats, PEOPLE in general.  Her sunny personality comes through within seconds of meeting her and she just is a LOVE.  Abby  is under two years of age, a blue Doberman with a pretty good coat, soft natural ears and a disposition that attracts ALL kinds of love.  Abby is a girl who would do well in ANY kind of family, she's a wonderful addition who is obedient and just full of charm.  To make Abby YOUR indoor baby, please go to www.adaptrescue.org and fill out the online application and submit for approval.  PLEASE don't ask to come to our "shelter" ADAPT dogs are fostered out of individual homes so that we KNOW what our dogs are all about.  A $250 adoption fee applies......

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