Lady is a gorgeous blue adult cropped and flopped sweet girl who's looking for a forever home.  Can YOU offer her the security she craves?  Somewhat timid initially she's just learning to play and to be out and about humans and learning we aren't all out to hurt her.  Originally she broke her pelvis due to irresponsibility from a person transporting her in the open bed of a pickup truck.  Either fell or jumped out she fractured her pelvis, got some road rash and had some real issues.  She's healed now and awaiting a forever family who can and will love her.  She's housebroken, house safe, fine with another dog as long as it's not an abusive or pushy type dog.  She's content to hang out in front of her crate, is just learning what toys are and what they're for......  Give this sweetheart a CHANCE, you'll be super glad you did. alt

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