Carli is a gorgeous girl and she's been returned to rescue because her "forever" mom is dying.  In less than six weeks she'll be orphaned and was returned New Years day.  Carli has lived the life of a "pampered farm dog"...... meaning, she sleeps in her own room, is housebroken, housesafe, shared that home with two small dogs and one other Doberman, the occasional (okay fairly often) visit of her mom's grandchildren from newborn to several years of age, around chickens, wanted, loved and happy UNTIL NOW.  The other family members don't want Carli, or Val the other Doberman.  Spayed, up to date, on hw prevention, this adult, natural eared red head has a lot of love yet to offer.  Please consider making Carli YOUR girl, 2013 has just begun, let her begin a new year and a new life.  She can stay as a pair with Val her black and rust Doberman sister raised and adopted by the same mom OR they can go to separate homes.  Either way, they both have a need and a LOT of love.  Please go to and fill out the online application and submit it.  If you want BOTH girls, we're willing to talk :) alt


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