"WHY would a rescue group pull a dog like this"we're asked.  We respond "why wouldn't we"  Tasanni was a stray who was headed downhill in the shelter as she waited for her stray hold to be up.  That she had clearly given up was evident in her body language as she laid tightly curled into a ball, her emaciated frame on the damp cement, oblivious to the two doggie roomates sharing her kennel at the shelter. 

Tasanni was skin and bones, but when I took her from the shelter she walked with her head down and she was thinking we were taking her to kill her.  I took her outside and she picked up her head and had a little interest in her eyes.  I kneeled down and put my arms around her and gave her treats.  She has NO front teeth, somebody wasn't really nice to this little girl but she is SO sweet, and is SO grateful for anything and everything and is NOW an eating machine.  We have to feed her slowly because we can't chance bloating, but she eats about 6-8 times a day, small home cooked meals of boneless chicken and rice, and ground beef and all that good stuff.  I have spent a FORTUNE on vitamins, and all kinds of shampoos, vetting and all on her but she is SOOOO worth it.  Even the vets were saying "my GOD Margaret what were you thinking this time" and I tell them "you'll see" and within MINUTES they see...... she's something special.  Her eyes are bright and she's so loving....... I am SO glad I took her.  I won't/don't regret it. 

Believe it or not the Tasanni type dogs are what makes me happiest.  They are survivors, they BELIEVE in us even after we've done THAT to them.  She wags her tail, she gives kisses, she's out and about with the other dogs, she's happy and she'll be a drop dead GORGEOUS girl one day soon.  I am able to see the beauty in dogs that look like her when everyone else thinks they should be put down.  How no one could go looking for this special girl still amazes me.  How no one could SEE her beauty doesn't so much amaze me because we are after all usually only after "obvious" beauty in this world......  What amazes me is despite all that she's been through and as sick and skinny and MISERABLE as she is, she still is grateful to be saved, grateful for every pat and every hug, grateful for food, and the comfort of a blanket.....

She's an affectionate, inordinately sweet little girl who is housebroken, tolerant of dogs, cats, and though mankind wasn't kind to her, she LOVES people.  Her tail wags today as she slowly puts on weight and as we deal with her skin issues and heal her from the inside out.  Tasanni will be in our care for awhile obviously, but we'll post periodic updates so you can see the giant steps in recovery.....



September 2010- Update

This is the picture of Tasanni today, showing the effects of much love, good food, warm baths and a little medicine. THIS is the dog we knew was hiding in the shell of the sick emaciated body that was first pictured. There is beauty in everything, sometimes we have to search for it, and sometimes with a little hard work we are rewarded with the beauty within...

Tasanni has a new home and family and lives her days as a spoiled diva..


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