The fawn girl is Hope, because we HOPED she'd live through the first night, and Faith is named because she believed someone would come and save them both.  Emaciated, (20-25 pounds underweight) major skin issues these girls are CLEARLY bonded to one another and are delicate, sweet and full of affection.  Hope has a healing compound fracture of her back leg that has a bone infection that we have to address as soon as we restore her weight and health, Hope as well as Faith will need spay.  Hope's leg will need amputation but right now they're beautiful, safe, loving and VERY much loved in the wonderful home of Bill and Cathy and their four legged babies.  These girls need a LOT of vet attention and we've been questioned once again WHY we would accept two such dogs in obvious need, and once again, our answer is, how could we not.........  Their presence blesses US and we are lucky to have these girls.  Once all their medical needs are addressed we have big plans to place both girls TOGETHER in a loving home for the rest of their lives...... If you have a little extra this year and want to close out 2010 with a good deed, PLEASE consider helping with the vet bills for these ladies.  Stay tuned for more updates and sweet photo's..........

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